• Steve and Amy Feder

    September 28, 2018

    I was looking for an e-bike for me after I discovered the fun and ease an e-bike offered. We live in downtown Chicago where there are proliferation of bike stores offering some e-bikes. However, none of them carry e-bikes exclusively, and each has a limited number of them with prices in the atmosphere. As I continued my Google search, I discovered Mike's and phoned the company. Mike answered, and in a most courteous and patient manner answered every question I had, and more. My wife and I decided to drive out to Mike's , a 1 hour drive from our home.  We found him to be extremely knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. His prices were more affordable, and it was clear e-bikes were his passion. Needless to say, we purchased 3 e-bikes (2 for me and 1 for my wife) from Mike's and would highly, highly recommend Mike's to anyone considering the purchase of an e-bike. Mike and his company are truly one of a kind and outstanding in every way. ... Read More

  • Kathleen Kuper

    September 24, 2018

    I am so grateful I chose to visit Mike’s bikes before purchasing an ebike from another bike shop.  Mike’s expertise, patience and large selection of e-bikes led me to choose a different bike than the one I almost purchased from another store.  I am so pleased with my bike.  I have ridden it over 1000 miles and it’s perfect for the conditions where I ride, which also includes Colorado mountain paths.  Additionally, Mike looked at a friend’s e-bike (purchased online) and was able to correct the non-functioning pedal assist in literally less than one minute (at no charge).  Finally, having realized the pure joy of riding ebikes (even if you only need the assist for short, steep hills, it puts the “fun” back in cycling.) I also had Mike convert a recumbent bike I owned and didn’t use for many, many years.  This particular conversion was quite a challenge ,but Mike was up to the task and although it took much longer than he had anticipated, the completed price did not exceed his estimate.  I have recommended Mike to my friends. ... Read More

  • Suz Alderson

    February 20, 2018

    Highly recommend !  In March 2020 we bought two e-bikes and a bike rack from Mike at Mike's E-Bikes. Fabulous experience all around. Mike is knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and patient. He educated us about e-bikes, fitted us on the e-bikes when they came in and explored seating options with us. He spends the time you need with you. His store has lots of e-bike models to choose from to help learn about e-bikes. He just made us feel relaxed and comfortable. Best of all he lets you test ride them (warning you will be hooked after trying an e-bike! 😊). He works by appointments which really helped us get personal attention when we arrived.  After the sale, Mike has always been super responsive and very accommodating. No one wants problems, but when they arise, I feel quite confident that he is there to help. The warranty work was so seamless I forgot I had an issue. Mike is also very personable and shares other e-bike/e-biking info on trails, etc. that make the whole e-bike experience great. Best of all, he is still very responsive months after the purchase. We recommend this place to everyone and brought our adult son back to just check out the e-bikes and he left with an e-bike of his own! Due to the pandemic restrictions, nothing is as smooth as it could be, but Mike is definitely dedicated to his customers, so please have patience even if it takes you a little longer to get an appointment during these trying times.  It will be worth the wait.  Eventually, Mike's shop will be a great place to just hang out, and I think that is his plan to create a comfortable e-bike 'information café ' – post pandemic.   This is the place to go to buy your e-bikes. You will love the experience !  ... Read More

  • Ken DeRos

    February 20, 2018

    We had a great experience at Mike’s E-Bikes. On our first visit Mike spent a couple of hours letting us test and then answering many questions about E -Bikes. He volunteered to order in the two bikes we were most interested in. I was sure I wanted one, but wanted my wife to feel comfortable with hers. When we returned we were able to dial in on exactly what we wanted. We purchased at a very fair price two bikes. Mike has been very responsive with the minor adjustments that we wanted. He has great products followed by great service at a fair price. ... Read More

  • Adam Enright

    February 20, 2018

    We have bought two e-bikes from Mike and we couldn't be happier with our purchases. Mike is a stand up guy and isn't looking to push you into the most expensive e-bike he sells. He does a great job explaining the differences between models and isn't pushy at all, which I really appreciate. Highly recommend shopping here if you are in the market for an e-bike ! . ... Read More

  • Markus Schramm

    February 20, 2018

    If Testimonials had 6 star reviews, I'd give one more to Mike at Mike's E-Bikes. Went there last week to educate myself and explore purchasing an E-Bike. Having done some reviewing online, I had a fairly good idea as to what I wanted. I made an appointment with Mike and he spent over an hour to explain the various options available on E-bikes in general, and helped me narrow down my choices to 3 bikes as potential choices for me. I was able to test-drive them (repeatedly). I made a decision on the spot and purchased a bike.  Mike is patient and very knowledgeable; I'd call him an authority in this field. His pricing is fair and transparent, and I like the fact that Mike can service my bike. I would definitely recommend driving to Mike's store - perhaps with a large enough car or a bike carrier attached, so you can take home your e-bike(s) from the considerable range of in stock bikes. Well done, Mike! I'll be back for more for the rest of my family. ... Read More

  • Bud Stein

    August 01, 2018

    Mike did a great job on converting my Terratrike Rover to electric assist; it surpassed my greatest expectations. Mike's after sale service has been exceptional. ... Read More

  • Dave & Marijo

    August 02, 2018

    Mike was incredibly helpful in our selection of electric bikes. We found him to be both extremely knowledgeable, as well as trustworthy.  He was patient with all of our questions, and he assisted us with every aspect of the purchase. Absolutely delighted with our bikes. Give the strongest possible recommendation. ... Read More

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