Our Mission

Mike's E- Bikes has been established to provide :

Healthy lifestyle choices that involve more physical activity, as part of an overall lifestyle change in a society that seemingly tends to embrace technology and 'convenience' that may, or may not be all that good for us in the long run.   We all know and have heard the studies about people who are sitting too often, not active enough, and unfortunately taking years off their lives. 

The e-bike actually helps counter all that sitting, but uniquely has that key technology 'convenience' factor, as people riding them are far more inclined to get back out into the great outdoors enjoying more physical activity, and leading healthier lifestyles. 

 Why you might ask ?  

Because, E-Bike's are just plain super easy, and so much more FUN than regular bikes that don't have that electric assist to help you up hills, or go further when you feel like you might be tired out ! 

So here at Mike's E-Bikes, we have set out from the start to make it extremely easy, and convenient for people to simply try an e-Bike out from our easy access warehouse and showroom.  You can do a test ride of any e-Bike we stock, before you ever purchase.  

Add up all the benefits of health, greatly reduced pollution vs a car, greater physical activity, convenient mobility,  enjoying outdoor recreation, and the e-Bike is one of the best investments in your lifestyle you'll ever make.  

As JFK once opined... "bike riding is one of life's simple pleasures."  

Mike opines... "It's even more simple and pleasurable, on an e-bike !"   

Happy E-Bike Riding, Mike - owner Mike's E-Bikes.  

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