An E-Bike Lifestyle Is An Eco-Friendly, Fitness Oriented, And Freedom Filled Lifestyle.

​​E-Bikes Are The New Standard For Sustainable Urban Mobility !

How far can you go for $1 ?


The Many Intrinsic Benefits Of Electric Bikes In the Metro Chicago Area  !

Effortless when you need it to be:

With electric assist, rough terrain is no longer an issue; hills are simply 'flattened out' .... and headwinds won't keep you from comfortable biking.

• E-Bike commuters can easily climb hills, or handle longer commutes, without wearing down before work. Then do the real 'workout' on the way back home!

For The "No Sweat," Time Efficient, & Stress-free Commute

•  Arrive to your destination refreshed and relaxed, with no need to change clothes or shower

• 'Parking' is obviously a breeze.   You'll be helping to alleviate vehicle congestion too!

•  Pulling a bike trailer for groceries, errands, or a tot carrying trailer becomes a cinch with your e-Bike !


For your health and fitness:

Electric bikes (e-Bikes) are simply a joy to ride ! As a result, you'll stay more active, and likely 'stick with' more regular fitness or rehabilitation goals. since you enjoy it so much !  Imagine looking forward to that e-Bike ride vs that boring , and 'in-doors'  treadmill. 

E-Bikes are awesome for 'social distancing' in group activities, and make group outings much more doable, as everyone is better able to keep pace with each other due to electric assist !

Enjoy the Super Sustainability of E-Bikes

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