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GROM SQUAD All Custom E-BikesCustom E-BikesSORT BYLOW - HIGHHIGH - LOWA - ZZ - A DIY E-Bike Kit - Installed by you ! $1259.10$1299.00$1299.00$1259.10Keep the bike you LOVE !  And give it a boost !  We offer our traditional DIY conversion electric bike kits, that provide a superior and economical solution to convert your own bike for you to installhidden field Electric Conversion of Your Bike starting at...$1399.00$1399.00We will install a Custom E-Bike Kit on your adult bike:Fully Assembled and Mounted Electric Conversion Kit. Price shown not including bike, and prices may vary depending upon motor wattage, battery chidden field FirmStrong CA-520 Cruiser with 500 watt assist $1839.20$2299.00$2299.00$1839.20Fully Assembled and Custom Installed Magnum E-Bike package on FirmStrong CA-520 7 Speed 26" Cruiser Bike.The frame is 17” high with an extra 4” of length and is a suitable cruiser bike size for mosthidden field Pfiff Classic Nexus 3 Adult Tri-cycle with electric assist$2299.00$2299.00Pfiff Adult TricycleThe Classic Nexus 3 Adult tri-cycle is a very versatile machine. The brilliant German made high quality design makes the Classic Nexus 3 a great choice for those with slightly redhidden field Pfiff Comfort 24 Adult Tri-Cyle with Electric Assist $2204.10$2449.00$2449.00$2204.10Pfiff Adult Tricycle:The Pfiff Comfort 24 Adult tri-cycle is a very versatile machine. The brilliant German made high quality design makes the Comfort a great choice for those with slightly reduced mhidden field

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