What Makes An E-Bike So Elegant ?

Pleasingly ingenious, graceful, stylish, and simple ... elegant... the word's used to describe some wonderful technology aids in our lives here in the 21st century, can certainly be applied to an e-Bike.

Here is what makes that so:

  • Ingenious - an e-Bike uses only two more primary components than a regular pedal bike has: a motor, and a battery. That's it. However, the e-Bike in comparison to a car is also 40 times more efficient. Using far fewer resources in its build, to manufacturer it, to maintain it, and to operate it. Far more ingenious than any car, that can have more than 30,000 parts.
  • Graceful - The inherent beauty in observing people biking, and in particular those who don't seem to be exerting much effort, is grace in motion. Watching the cyclists in the Tour de France, illustrates this time and again, as well as the joy of your kids riding daily and having so much fun. And that is in part what makes an e-Bike so graceful, is you too can ride with as seemingly little effort or exertion, that the professional cyclists in the Tour de France make it appear to be. It's as though you have the beauty of the wind and a sail, to push you along rather elegantly.
  • Stylish - today's electric bikes, or e-bikes, are quite stylish and allow you personally to be stylish as well. You''l be able to even wear your best outfit, without worry of perspiration, or needing to put on some special bike-wear to be comfortable while riding.
  • Simple - simplicity is the hall mark of an e-bike, in that you can choose to pedal with the motor automatically 'assisting' your pedaling, or use a twist throttle on the handlebar, to let the motor do all the work instead. How much simpler could it be than that ? No worry then about hills, going a longer distance, while also getting some valuable physical activity.

Come see for yourself, by taking a free test ride, or renting one for a few days, where you can experience the elegance of an e-Bike and perhaps add the e-Lifestyle to your everyday living.


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