Well... the ebike tariffs are due to begin August 24th

Dear Friends of Biking and Ebike potential consumers:

As previously mentioned as a possibility in my July 20th Blog post, the 25% tariffs are unfortunately being implemented on the industry codes that includes ebikes. (includes motors on ebikes, many components, even kits). Regular bikes could see increases of 10 to 25%. That is less well defined at the moment.

Will all e-bike brands increase their prices ? That's hard to say, but some ebike OEM's have notified dealers they are not increasing prices, in part based on where their product is sourced. Some have indicated they are increasing prices effective August 23rd. Its true that a significant majority (over 80% by some estimates) of ebikes are sourced from China. Similar with regular bikes as well, if not an even higher percentage.

E-Bikes that are now in stock won't see these increases yet, and some may not see increases for 30 to 60 days here in the Midwest, since the season is winding down for bike purchases.

So now may be the best time to get a great deal, that could be even 25% less than prices coming next spring.

Meanwhile we are working to source products that will continue to be competitive, and this includes our current line up, which fortunately won't likely be afffected as much as the others.

So don't panic, but just be cognizant that there are price increases in the industry coming, due to the tariffs, and some could be at least 25%, if not higher depending on the distribution model for a particular vendor.

Happy E-Biking !


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