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One of the most annoying things you'll find on e-bikes from the vast majority of brands, is they forget to cover the basics when thinking about the rider. Even many regular bicycles are this way, and worse most shops or stores are VERY inflexible about making changes. At Wal-mart, Costco, Amazon, Best Buy, or any chain not focused exclusively on bikes, you get what you get, and unfortunately (sometimes) less than what you expected.

Well here at Mike's E-Bikes we start with the customer's interests and needs to make the e-bike exactly suited to your preferences before it goes out the door. It can be small things like more comfortable gel seats, wider seats, ergonomic grips, better (rear stay) kick-stands, wider tires, different handle-bars, or adjustable stems. We are not talking about accessorizing either, which most shops will obviously love to do for you, such as selling you saddle bags, baskets, helmets, pumps, all of which you can easily find on-line, and usually at much cheaper prices.

What this means is we 'sweat the details' surrounding all the little things that make the e-bike experience what it should have been starting from the manufacturer, so you don't have to at a later time, and once its in your possession and you wish you would have thought of it during the purchase. We'll ask you the right questions to elicit those preferences, and by listening to you talk about your style of riding or use of the e-bike, we can usually detect what is going to be most meaningful, and come up with a solution.

We also provide more customized solutions, for customer's wanting more power from the standard e-bike, more range, and provide conversions of your existing bicycle, especially if you recently bought a new regular bicycle, and spent good money. Even if we don't happen to carry a particular brand, we will source it for you, so you have a local shop to rely upon to help get the ebike 'right', before you ever pay for it.

Hopefully you'll treasure the buying experience here at Mike's E-Bikes just as much as you'll be enjoying your e-bike riding long after you leave our e-bike haven.

Take good care of yourself !

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