Update on E-Bike Tariff's - What they are doing to the market

This is a quick update on Trump's China tariff's that have taken effect on electric assist e-bikes.

Thus far here is the impact both locally, and nationally:

  • Not all e-bike OEM's have raised their prices - yet.

  • Most of the e-bike brands we carry... Blix, Yamaha, Surface 604, Magnum, have not raised their prices.

  • Nationally, what we are seeing is that on-line brands ARE raising their prices, since they directly import from China, and are too small to absorb the increase. Examples include Rad Power, Juiced, and most on-line at Amazon.

  • More well known brands like Pedego have raised their prices.

  • Some weaker brands such as Shocke have already gone out of business. We expect this to continue so be cautious about your choice of e-bike OEM.

  • A number of brands are trying to re-locate where they buy from - such as Taiwan, but that is not an easy or quick option, especially if they are not already doing business with factories in Taiwan.

  • Some brands have held off raising prices until their local stock is depleted, so right now and probably for another 30 days, you will see a lot of brands that could be hanging on before prices increase substantially.

Now is a great time to buy, especially here in the midwest, where the season is winding down, dealers are lowering inventory, and e-bike tariffs have yet to take hold.

Our inventory is still good, and again, none of our e-bike models have increased prices, so stop by here in September to take advantage of the current market environment.

Happy E-Biking !



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