Uber + E-Bike Saves $1000 Per Year


Okay, so you are wondering how that is possible.

Well the true cost of ownership for a car according to AAA's 2015 Your Driving Costs study , is $8696 per year for a vehicle that's driven 15,000 miles. Of course, you might say well I live in the city, and I don't drive nearly that many miles. Well unfortunately for you then, your cost's really don't drop that much, and your cost per mile actually increases dramatically, the fewer miles you drive per year under 15,000. That is due to all the fixed costs such as insurance, depreciation, maintenance, and parking if you don't own a garage.

Many people actually have travel needs that are far less than 15,000 miles, so for the sake of argument, lets say your travel needs are roughly 8000 miles per year. Quite far still if you live in a city, and most of your working and shopping is within 5 miles of your residence.

So why Uber and an E-Bike ? Well for one, an e-bike can get you pretty much anywhere quite quickly, and anything less than 30 miles is a very doable trip, that won't leave you sweating, or exhausted when you have electric assist. Further, many quality e-Bikes are priced under $2500, and there are folding e-Bikes, that can be taken into apartments quite easily, with batteries and motors lasting up to 30,000 miles. For those trips that are longer, or during inclement weather, or you need to haul something that is too large to fit on an e-bike, Uber has now become a very viable choice here in the majority of the Chicago-land area going out at least 40 miles from the heart of downtown Chicago.

If you need to use Uber about 1/3rd of the time, or 2666 miles, the average cost from most of the quoted fares works out to about $1/mile. So that would be ~ $2700 for Uber fares per year. If you have purchased an E-Bike for $2500, and spread that cost over 4 years, that is $625 per year, plus the cost of electric for the charges. One charge costs about 8 cents in electricity, and using pedal assist, you can go about 40 miles on a charge with most e-bikes. So that would be 140 charges per year, for 5600 miles, or $11 for electricity costs. Add in another say $200 per year for maintenance, tune ups, tires, and repairs, and your total out of pocket per year comes up to $836.

Thus the Uber plus E-Bike would cost you $2700 + $836 = $3536 per year in transportation costs for 8000 miles. We'll be generous here for the car, and just use the cost per mile at 15,000 miles which is $.57/mile or what the government typically uses for reimbursement rates, and the same if we divided $8696 by 15,000. Thus for 8000 miles, a car is going to cost you AT LEAST $4560 per year. Again, we are being generous on the math, as if you are driving less per year, your fixed costs will still remain the same, and your actual cost per mile over 4 or 5 years is likely to be closer to .70/mile, which saves you $2000 per year.

Additionally, if you are biking 5000 miles per year, you are likely going to be rail thin, in excellent physical shape, and spending less time in the gym, less money on health care costs, and feel tremendous about yourself.

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