The Ultimate In Lightweight Urban Mobility? E-Bikes !

In many other countries, bicycles are the primary form of transportation, and the automobile is viewed as secondary or a 'luxury.' Worldwide there are more than 1 billion bicycles, twice as many as there are cars on the road.

China for example, boasts greater than 500 million bicycles. Japan has more than 72 million bicycles.

In the Netherlands, the number of bicycles at 16.5 million, is nearly as high as its population at 16.6 million.

Electric assist bikes, or e-Bikes, are changing the landscape of urban mobility and increasingly viewed by Millennials and even Baby Boomers here in the US, as the new "I-phone" of modern bike transportation since the DC solid state compact motor assist and lightweight LI battery, makes riding so much more fun, and quite a bit easier. Globally, 32 million electric bikes were sold, however in the US, the growth is about to get started where estimates range from 150,000 to 200,000 sold annually.

Our mini-van, SUV, and pick-up obsessed market has a lot to do with the slower growth, yet driving and car ownership attitudes are changing, especially among millennials who are shunning car ownership, and using ride share services like Uber, or Lyft, and adopting the versatility of newer transportation alternatives such as e-Bikes. e-Bikes are even gaining growing interest among the over 50 crowd, as they seek to re-gain the youthful fun of biking, while recognizing they aren't in the shape they were as kids or teens, or even 20's. More people are indeed adopting eco-friendly alternatives, so along with electric cars, and hybrids, electric bikes are among the most eco-friendly forms of transportation people can utilize for everyday needs.

Physical exercise and rehabilitation is another great aspect of electric assist bikes (e-Bikes), to allow people to gradually build up stamina without strain on knees, backs, or other ailments that may be respiratory in nature, which would riding a regular bicycle that doesn't have any assist.

If you haven't had a chance to ride an e-bike, reserve one today on our web-site at, and find out how much fun and easier it is to ride an e-bike for errands, longer site-seeing trips, or in hilly areas that might make a regular bicycle a bit of a challenge.

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