The Aventon Paces versus Electra Townie

The below table summarizes some key attributes of the two Aventon Pace models (Pace 350 and Pace 500) versus another E-Bike called the Electra Townie, typically found at Trek stores. Trek's e-bikes have traditionally started at price points of $2400, and dramatically increase from there. However more recently, they came out with their "entry level" priced e-bike, based on their traditional pedal forward design in the Electra category called the "Townie".

Consumers will find the Townie does not have a throttle, and does not have an LCD display that showed speed, battery voltage, or other typical parameters that are useful to have on an e-bike. Some found the pedals to be too far forward on the Townie, and the Townie to be too heavy in the rear due to battery and motor placement, leaving the e-bike unbalanced from front to back. Others find the Townie motor to be 'too weak' and barely able to climb any steeper than average hills.

So when they finally get a chance try out either of the Aventon Pace models, they are often blown away by the comfort, the features, the styling and aesthetics, the build quality, and also the great power assist that can easily climb any hills. "Giggles", "smiles", and even "happy yelps" (like 'WahWho") have been known to ensue immediately upon riding one of the two Pace models.

Schedule an appointment for an Aventon Pace e-bike test ride soon, and come see for yourself !


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