"Outdoor activity with Inherent Social Distancing ? " Try an ebike !

Well the unfortunate series of global events, have most of us wondering what happens next. It appears that just today, San Francisco mayor ordered a quarantine, except for going to necessary stores. The mayor did say you could go and enjoy the outdoors along with 'social distancing.'

Well riding a bike, or better yet, an ebike allows you to both enjoy the outdoors, and even run those necessary grocer and food or medication errands.

NOW though is the time to act, and considering trying out an ebike.

Here at Mike's E-Bikes we were actually ahead of the game, by offering one on one appointments, that allow you to mitigate those risks of catching the C-virus. We've expanded those hours and you can schedule an appointment at this LINK, showing you available times. You can even wear a N95 mask if you want, and I'll give you free nitrile gloves too, if you would like them. Every single touch point in the store and on the ebikes is wiped down with disinfectant regularly. And yes we still offer free test rides !

Stay healthy !



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