Mike's E-Bikes 7 Year Anniversary !

A simple and heartfelt thank you to all the customers who have purchased an ebike from Mike's E-Bikes over the past 7 years.

Mike's goal has always been to bring the highest quality, yet more affordable e-bike brands to the Chicago Metro Area. We continue to have the widest variety and largest inventory in the Midwest, along with the most friendly support and deepest e-bike expertise.

You will now find there are finally some regular bike shops who happen to carry a few e-bikes here and there, but their focus is not on e-bikes, so they tend to lack expertise, are short on knowledge about how to service them, and especially not very aware of the unique interests and motivations of the e-bike consumer.

The only way to learn the e-bike business is through years of focus specifically on E-BIKES, and not just dabbling in them, or an 'oh by the way we now carry them' approach that regular bike shops tend to coldly embrace.

2021 was our best year ever, and we hope to bring you even more in the way of top quality e-bike brands and models here in 2022, and encourage you to thoroughly investigate multiple brands and shops that carry them, and be sure to test ride them.

Aventon, a very fast growing brand, and one of the top selling brands in the US, awarded us the Title of Top Shop for 2021, based on our selling hundreds of their e-bikes. We are now close to a 1000 Aventon E-Bikes sold since we began carrying the brand in 2019.

We want to earn your business and no matter what brand you choose, we appreciate the opportunity to be of service, and assistance in your e-bike journey.

Best Wishes !


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