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Odds are you have been searching high and low for an electric bike that is affordable, stylish, and is a perfect fit for you. Easier said than done, eh ?

Well, you've come to exactly the right place, as when I set out to build this business, the big gap I saw in this still new to the US electric bike market, is price vs quality vs affordability. They ain't inexpensive, but they certainly can be cheaply built.

We have some great ideas on how to accomplish that, some excellent models that we searched high and low for, and negotiated some good terms on (just like Costco would), and more importantly can help you customize one for a perfect fit on a bike that you LOVE. It may be your own 'regular' bike that we can 'electrify', or one you want to buy that is not yet electric.

Many times the regular bike choices can be much more stylish, a much better fit since they often come in many frame sizes (that e-bike OEM's don't usually offer) and you can get the exact power and range that you need. DIY isn't for everyone, and trying your hand at DIY with an e-bike kit can be fairly risky if you haven't done it before. We have, and so our experience, warranties, etc. can ensure you won't live to regret your own bike 'electrification' experiment.

Call to make an appointment to stop by our shop, and we'll show you some of our designs, discuss and understand your ideas, and strive to make your choice a perfect fit for you and your budget.

Happy E-Biking !



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