Local Grown Food + Solar + Ebike = 1340 MPGe

Yep folks, that's right ! A human eating locally grown food, and coupling their muscles with the power of an electric assist bike, re-charged by solar PV, will go from Point A to Point B with the efficiency of 1340 Miles Per Gallon equivalent.

Super efficient ! Super healthy (you're probably losing weight because of this regular exercise) ! Super clean air with no emissions ! E-Bikes charged by Solar PV, with a healthier you riding one.

We drive 3 trillion miles by car each year in the USA. 80% of that time spent in a car, we are SITTING in traffic. 253 million cars on the road, and 55% of our trips are less than 10 miles. 10 miles that can easily and rather quickly be traversed by e-bike.

If you don't believe transportation, and gridlock, HAS to change in our country's future, than I suggest you take the next few minutes and watch this video.

Change in your Transportation Future | Zach Krapfl | TEDxPaonia

What is required to move a human from point A to point B on foot, bike, car, train? Bike Engineer Zach Krapfl looks at the environmental footprint of many methods of modern transportation and finds some surprising answers to this question, along with big opportunities for change.

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