Let's Go Electric !


Surprise, Surprise ! Schwinn has just introduced their new line of electric assist bikes for 2018 !

It's awesome news, especially for wanna be ebike riders who have been kicking the tires, but haven't yet found a more relatively budget friendly, feature rich, and great looking ebike. The Schwinn brand is well known by baby boomers, and many prior generations who grew up with Schwinn bikes as a mainstay since 1895. Schwinn got many of us into biking, and produced affordable, high quality bikes for the everyday bike rider.

Well, they are at it again with the 'affordable' part, as ebikes have not been known to be especially inexpensive, due to their lithium batteries, higher technology motors, and specialized drive trains. Just a hunch on my part, but Schwinn's entry into the US ebike market is very likely to help ebikes 'cross that chasm' from an emerging 'early adopter' technology, to mainstream and adopted by the masses.

It's not easy to find many quality ebike brands, with a name we recognize producing ebikes for under $2000.

Schwinn has hit the mark though, and offers ebike models starting at $1199.

Stop by our store in Plainfield, on US-30 for a test ride soon. Schwinn ebikes will be on the floor the week of March 12th !

Happy E-Biking !


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