It's Cheaper Than Therapy !


Now this is such a simple, but great story about how biking keeps this guy 'grounded' and 'connected'.

Wanted to re-post it here with a Link to where the original story was written.

"My story is simple. There's not some amazing feel good story of weightloss or anything like that. I ride to stay connected.

I commute by bike to work almost everyday. Riding to work helps me focus for the day. I work through issues that exist, think of ways to improve my business, things like that. It also helps me wake up and be alert when I get to work.

Riding home, I get to work off the frustrations of the day. I can push hard and take the flat, fast route or I can take the shorter, hilly route. It sheds my work monster so that I can focus on helping with the daily chores, getting dinner together, or just cuddling with my son and watching cartoons without needing to decompress or worry about work.

Riding also keeps me connected with my dad. We've found hobbies to do together since I was a kid, but cycling has been the thing that has stuck. We've done triathlons, century rides, and fun rides together. We've built and repaired bikes together. Last year we accomplished a long time goal of riding from San Francisco to Los Angeles together to raise funds and all awareness for firefighters fighting cancer.

Cycling is more than just a hobby or way to get to work. It's a part of who I am that I am proud of."

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