Illinois Lockdown: Bike Shops permitted to stay open

Per Governor Pritzger's Executive Order 2020-10, bicycle shops are still allowed to stay open for business. They are considered a needed transportation business under Paragraph 12e of businesses that will stay open.

Mike's E-Bikes will remain open during this period, however for the increased safety of our customer's we are continuing to operate under an Appointment Only business model. You can find a Link to our Calendar to schedule an appointment here...

Most days we are available from 12 pm to 5 pm, except we will be closed on Sundays and Thursdays.

We continue to wipe down all surfaces with a disinfectant including our door handles at the entry, before you arrive and after you arrive, and include all touch points on e-bikes that you may wish to test ride. We do offer free protective gloves, if you request them.

Biking is still an outdoor activity that is allowed to continue, and might be a great way to get some exercise instead of going to your local gym, which is now prohibited under the executive order. (as you are likely well aware). E-Bikes still promote the ability to get exercise, but can help you go further, and for longer rides, without the worry of running out of physical stamina. They are inherently a 'social distance' vehicle where most people generally stay several feet away from others while on their bikes. Also a good way to take in some sunshine, where its known that UV from sunlight does kill off viruses, including this one.

We hope you and your family stays safe during this unusual time period, and wish you the very best over the course of the rest of the spring/summer, and year !

Happy E-Biking !



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