I Wanna Keep Up With My Friends And Family ...

There are many reasons why you really want to get back out biking again, and have fun, but because of some physical ailment it just hasn't been possible to do so.

Well here at Mike's E-Bikes, you'll likely find a very comfortable e-bike that is not only a great fit, but helps make it quite a bit easier to get back out riding again.

The right electric-bikes designed to best help you do that, will be typically 12 to 15 lbs lighter than most e-bikes are, and have batteries mounted near the A-pillar behind the seat, or sometimes built into the down bar from the stem to the A-Pillar. I'm attaching photo's of two brands of e-bikes that are set up exactly like this, and are very well balanced front to back, as well as not 'tippy' or heavy like many e-bikes that have batteries over the rear wheels.

The pedal assist, with usually 4 or 5 levels of extra 'boost' works while you are pedaling, so you are still getting the benefit of exercise. You are choosing the amount of assist you want, or if you get tired, you can immediately use a thumb type throttle control that sits next to the handle grip to let the motor do the 'work' for awhile, or occasionally when you are going up a hill. The e-bikes are so quiet, that most people will not even notice you have anything other than a regular bicycle.

How cool is that ? And if you don't like the seat, or comfort of it, we will swap it out to one that works for you.

It's almost summer, and the weather is warming up, so now is a great time to test ride one of these e-bikes, and learn how much more fun biking can be again, and perhaps even more exhilarating than it was when you were a kid.

Enjoy the longer journey !



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