How To Choose The Best E-Bike For You

The first thing you'll likely notice with electric assist bikes, is that while there is a wide assortment of brands, there isn't really much emphasis on fit or comfort. Perhaps they are hoping you'll over look those attributes, and just be happy there is the extra boost from the electric battery and motor combination.

Well here at Mike's e-Bikes, our specific selection of certain brands is to make sure there is an e-Bike that will fit you well, taking into account your inseam length, riding posture, distance from seat to handle bars, and even rider strength. The intended use of the e-Bike, whether its for regular commuting, an exercise program, longer touring rides, or just infrequent recreation, will also be an important consideration in determination of best fit.

Each of our brands, including GenZe, Blix, and Tempo offers lightweight options and different frame sizes, and the brands themselves are chosen so as to provide some level of overlap for varying rider preferences. For example, if you are petite, and prefer a lighter weight e-Bike, GenZe offers a frame size that can accommodate the shorter distance needed from seat down to pedal, and also the ground. Their e-Bike's are also lighter weight, and the battery is mounted within the frame with a lower center of gravity, making it easier to balance.

For individuals who are taller, the Tempo offers a large frame size option, that can fit those who are 5' 11" and taller.

We'll be adding more brands soon, so be sure to check back frequently here at You can also call us at anytime of day or night (630-388-8938) if you simply have questions on any brand or type, as we have been analyzing and trying out e-Bikes for several years, along with renting them out, and listening to rider feedback on what people like or don't like. Mike is here to help you make a great decision to fit your needs !

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