How Electric Bikes Are Empowering Moms And Dads !

There is the fairly common sentiment today, that we Americans 'love' our cars.

It's understandable, as the car has provided us with all sorts of freedom and independence. We're also pretty fortunate in that we have the infrastructure to support the travel and convenience, and still relatively low fuel costs as compared to a number of other countries.

The 2-wheeled bike, has had a similar role in our country, and still does in many other countries. What it lacks in terms of user friendliness such as usefulness in all climates, multiple occupants, transporting of goods, it does make up in terms of nimbleness, invigorating form of exercise, and very cost effective mobility.

Now let's look at that same bike, that has evolved to a much more modern technology with the same clean electric power that we see in the Tesla, Nissan Leaf, or the Chevy Volt. Battery costs have dropped dramatically thanks to cell phones, laptops, and all sorts of energy storage needs for our electric enabled society. The electric bike, or e-Bike, is taking advantage of the transformation to much more powerful and long lasting energy storage offered by Lithium batteries.

What's empowering about all of this, is that mom's and dad's who are raising young kids, or even grandparents who wish to spend more time with their grandchildren, can now much more easily keep up with the youthful 'energy' our kids naturally have. Further, if you are a mom, and want to get exercise but are super pressed for time, the e-bike will be much more conducive for taking those not so 'lightweight' children on the back of the e-Bike in child bike seats, or in pull behind trailers - and you can do so without being 'superwoman' or being in olympian style athletic shape !

For dad's it can be a similar thing, but its also possibly about speed. Either your 8 to 12 year old child is too slow for you, because you are the still fit and strength oriented man that you've prided yourself on, which in that case, you'd love an electric bike to clasp on a trail-behind bike, where your kid is now having a blast, while the electric assist allows you to still clip along up near 20 mph, while using your own leg power to stay in shape. Or you are an older dad or grandfather who is trying to keep up with your teen, which in that case, an e-bike is going to help you cruise alongside anyone with as little exertion you choose to employ.

There are dozens more examples where an e-Bike, can be great for regular family outings, running errands more with your children, and increasing opportunities for family togetherness that isn't always easy to accomplish in today's fairly rushed world.

If you live in the Chicago area, and are looking to evaluate or test ride or just 'kick the tires' and ask questions about an electric bike, give us a call, and we'll make it easy via rentals delivered to your door, free quick test rides in Naperville, or checking out our selection of new e-Bikes, demo's, and conversion kits for your own regular bike.

Spring is here, so now is the time to get back into cycling.

Here's to great Fun and EAZY Cycling.



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