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Did you know there are more than 90 brands of e-Bikes ? And hundreds of models ?

Well we do a lot of the homework for you, staying away from brands that are too high priced versus the value they deliver. And from our years of research following this market since 1999, when Lee Iococca actually introduced an electric assist bike (with lead acid batteries if you can believe it), we have a pretty good idea of what constitutes quality, fit, ease of use, reliability, and overall high value for the price you pay.

This also means we are not able to obtain high margins, so we have to get this pretty much spot on to make the business model work and be sustainable for our customers. We are not a regular bike shop, but nor do we have the legacy of really bad habits that many IBD's over the years have accumulated. Mike as the Owner does have more than 32 years in energy technology, the manufacturing space, and working with clients in a sales and business development role. Mike is also a degreed mechanical engineer, and has an intuitive grasp of how things work, whether it's mechanical, or electrical.

When you visit our store, you'll find Mike to be quite approachable and very eager to be responsive to any and all questions, and very patient, as he just really enjoy's helping would be e-bike buyers find the right e-bike at the right price and value for them. At our E-Bike Store, the majority of our models are priced below $2000, yet often deliver the value and component and build quality of e-bikes priced over $3000, and sometimes even $4000.

Take your time, take as many test rides as you want, and just know that whatever brand or model you select here at Mike's E-Bikes will be one that is very high value for the price, and one that Mike has personally researched and tried versus many others.

Happy E-Biking Everyone !


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