Happy New Year 2016 !

This is your year to do something REALLY different ! For yourself, and maybe even for you and your family. My suggestion is going to be very simple - treat yourself to a FUN ride on a new electric bike ! Here at Mike's E-Bikes we make it very easy for folks in the Chicago Land area to do just that.

We offer half day or full day rentals, where we will deliver the e-Bike to your home, and also pick it up when you are finished with the enjoyable experience. We also offer GPS guided e-Bike tours, and tour discount specials near venues like Starved Rock State Park (Check out Groupon and just type in Mike's E-Bikes.)

And if you want to own an electric bike, and have no idea where to start looking, here at Mike's E-Bikes we make that easy for you to do as well. We've chosen a select few quality brands for our rental and tour business, that you can also purchase on-line and we'll deliver it to your door, fully assembled, tested, and properly calibrated with complete instructions on how to operate it, and take care of it. We'll even bring you a couple of models or styles to try out via our Overnight "Try-n-Buy" rental, where the very modest rental fee is applied as a discount toward a new e-Bike if you decide to purchase one.

See for yourself how exhilarating these e-Bikes can be. It's a great feeling of freedom of being able to go where you want, go faster, ride longer, or more easily up any hills, while still getting some great exercise that you'd get on a regular bicycle but are able to do so with less effort or exhaustion. The amount of 'assist' is always your choice !

Here's to a Happy and Healthy New Year !


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