Finally Adding Mid-Drives to our Line up: Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles meets our criteria


After 3 years of being involved directly in the electric bike market and watching it evolve here in the US evolve, Mike's E-Bikes has finally decided to add a mid-drive line up to the electric bike products we sell and service.

This was a decision that was not taken lightly, especially due to the rather high cost associated with Mid-Drive e-bikes, and their shorter history of being on the market than hub drives, higher relative maintenance, drive train issues, and even in some cases significant reliability problems they have had as recently as 5 years ago. We aren't going to tell you who those 'bad boys' are, but you can surmise the names yourself since we have avoided all of them like the plague. Until now.

We have been waiting for a company with a long and proven history in e-bikes and power drive trains to come into this space, and much to our delight, Yamaha has done that with a completely new e-bike from top to bottom specifically designed with a mid drive that they developed.

Most people don't realize this, but Yamaha developed the first e-bikes back in the early 1990's, have sold more than 6 million power trains for other bike manufacturers, and 2 million of their own e-bikes. What they have done with this new line-up is eliminate the maintenance issues, and reliability faults of the other manufacturers on the market, and the results are stunning: a beautiful line up of road and mountain bikes couple with the smoothest operating, and most natural feeling drive train in the industry.

Couple that with relatively affordable price points, especially compared the vast majority of the rather high priced mid drive ebikes on the market, and we are very excited to be Yamaha's very first e-bike dealer here in the Chicago area, and in the midwest.

We'll have these e-bike in our shop around the first week of July. So if you are thinking of a mid drive, you may want to wait on your decision and try these new Yamaha power assist electric bicycles !

Happy E-Biking 2018 !


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