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E-Bikes, or electric bikes, are still are fairly new phenomenon, and especially here in the Midwest city of Chicago, Illinois, folks still sort of give you a funny look if you mention the words e-bike or electric bike.

Here at Mike's E-Bikes we hope to change that, and so we are offering e-bike tours in scenic places like Starved Rock, and then rentals in larger Chicago area suburban towns such as Naperville.

You can also ride one for free as a demo or test ride, and feel free to contact us a, or call us at 630-388-8938. Our business started on-line in March of 2015, and we currently are seeking a physical location near the Illinois Prairie Bike trail here in the suburbs. We have e-Bikes stocked here in Naperville, including brands like Evelo, Blix, Genze, and will be adding the Faraday brand later this spring. Also, we will custom retro-fit e-Bike kits from Dillenger onto your existing e-Bike, and have our own tri-cycle version of the Schwinn Meridian with a 350 watt Dillenger e-bike kit.

The Electric Trike that we have is great for folks who wish to bike, but are concerned about balance.

So if you are in the Chicago area and doing research on electric bikes, or e-bikes, feel free to contact us to ride one, rent one for a day or several days, or check out our specials on Groupon for GPS guided tours.

E-Bikes make biking so effortless, yet you will still get great exercise ! Here's to an early spring in 2016 !

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