Considering the "Rad" City Step thru E-Bike ?

The most critical challenge with buying an e-bike on line is that you have no idea how it will perform, nor whether it will even fit you properly, and ultimately whether you will actually like it. E-Bikes can look a lot different in person, than in the photos on line.

Solving that critical challenge, Mike's E-Bikes is LOCAL TO THE CHICAGO-LAND area consumer, and Mike's focus is exclusively on E-BIKES !

Mike regularly stocks more than 100 e-bikes, he only services e-bikes, and with more than a dozen brands to choose from, a large variety of models and e-bike types on Mike's 3200 sf warehouse style show-room floor, the e-bikes are ready to go so you can compare them right away, and test ride them BEFORE YOU BUY !

Your decision to buy an E-Bike may seem easy at first glance, since on-line brands offer the always simple 'click the button', accept your credit card, and then one shows up at your door step. However, in today's buying environment, with Covid 19 and the on-going significant demand for e-bikes, that internet button 'click' may mean your e-bike is not delivered for several months. Then when it does finally arrive, it is usually not ready to ride, and that's when the 'real fun' (or maybe 'not so fun') begins.

You'll have to do final assembly, which should definitely include critical safety checks, and the usual bike shop handled adjustments including but not limited to: brake alignment, spoke tensioning, derailleur indexing to make sure your gears shift smoothly; and then handle all upfront technical issues including trouble-shooting if it doesn't actually work after you get it assembled. Unfortunately E-Bikes don't always arrive in perfect condition, and worse shipping damage can occur. The on-line firms (for example Rad, Himiway, Ride1up, or other china based 'cloned' imports) who are bringing these e-bikes to you from overseas, don't actually get to inspect them between the time they leave the Chinese 3rd party factory that they contract with to build the e-bike, nor when it get's off-loaded at a US located warehouse, and then finally picked up by UPS or FedEx and delivered to your door-step. So those on-line firms literally don't touch or see your e-bike, adding no value at all, from the time you place your order and then receive it. (They basically get it to you from overseas, instead of buying it on-line from a web-site like Alibaba, as these on-line brands are all largely designed (cloned) and made in China, and that's it.)

After the purchase, you have to figure out where or how you will get it serviced unless you can DIY fix it, or determine who will actually trouble-shoot or diagnose the issue when something does go wrong. Will the on-line only seller, with no local service center, be able to walk you through every repair, or diagnosis every single time ? ( when they can't physically be there with the e-bike, or do any diagnostic tests in person with your e-bike at your home) Do you have the right e-bike electronic diagnostic tools ? How readily available will that on-line seller be by either email or phone ?

Mike has been selling and servicing e-bikes for over 5 years, and in his experience, feels you would be rather wise to find out ahead of time who is willing to service your e-bike locally. Why ? Because Mike gets around a dozen calls weekly, from people who purchased on-line, and then ran into trouble with either not getting the right help from the source of their ebike purchase, or not being able to actually get their e-bike working again despite all the e-mail or phone help.

OK, IF YOU READ THIS FAR (THANK YOU ! Here is your 'reward' for having done so ... Mike's E-Bikes has a number of step-thru e-bikes, but recently we added a specific model that provides for a unique comparison opportunity for you. It is of an e-bike that is virtually identical to Rad's most popular model: Their Rad City Step-thru.

Check out the below comparison chart, which highlights a number of advantages of buying local, and is one example that illustrates how on-line only sellers like Rad aren't really providing any better value, rarely better pricing when you compare 'apples-to-apples,' while boastfully touting their 'low price' sales pitch of 'cutting out the middle man.' (you know ... they mean 'cutting out' the local ebike dealer, implying the dealer is the 'middle man' )

If the below comparison piques your interest in learning a lot more from a true e-bike expert, then please send an e-mail to Mike to schedule an appointment to try one out.


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