Comparing 3 Comfort Cruisers - Aventon Pace 500 vs Pedego Interceptor vs Trek's Electra Townie Go!


With All the E-Bike choices you have that are on the market, it can be very difficult to make a decision:

+ How much should I spend to get a good quality ebike ?

+ What frame style do I need or want ?

+ How much motor power (watts) and battery capacity for range (Amp-hours, or "AH") do I need ?

+ What Class of ebike do I need (Class 1 = for top speed of 20 mph, pedal assist only and no throttle; Class 2 = pedal assist and throttle, top speed of 20 for both; Class 3: pedal assist and throttle, top speed of 28 mph under pedal assist.

+ Do I want an all around style that is comfort oriented, easy to get on, and capable for some smooth trails and pavement, or a strickly road bike, or strictly mountain style bike ?

So in response to the most popular style of ebike (comfort cruiser) that is asked for at my shop, I prepared the above comparison chart to help narrow down your choice, and compared a very high value ebike with 2 ebike brands that are very well known, but more expensive.

Each of the ebikes also are of the more all around, all purpose 'cruiser style' that has what is known in the industry as 'pedal forward', or 'touch down geometry', where you can still place your feet flat on the ground while seated. Importantly, since they are pedal forward, they allow for proper leg extension while riding.

The primary emphasis here is that you really don't have to spend a lot of money to get the e-bike that you truly need or want, or 'break the bank' so to speak when its your first e-bike, as it typically is for most consumers buying today.



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