Beautiful E-Biking (Biking) Weather is now here - and so are GREAT E-BIKE PRICES !


Temperatures are cooling down, so if summer has blown by you, and you want to savor the outdoors while you can, this is the BEST time of the year to get out biking. E-Bikes have really caught on, and in our 4th season now, e-bikes sales are better than ever. We've set new records every month this year versus last year ! Thank you to all our great customers !

Our most popular brand by FAR, is the Aventon E-Bike with their Pace 500 and Pace 350. The price points are very affordable, and the quality along with comfort is very high. We've re-stocked up for the end of summer and early fall season, which is a great time to get back into biking, and e-bikes eliminate all the excuses or obstacles that bicycles tend to make you cringe - headwinds are no problem now, hills are easily flattened, and everyone becomes an 'equal' since the assist you get allows you to go just as fast as your friend or partner.

We have some other new brands in the shop, including CIVI e-bikes, EVELO, and some new models coming from Surface 604.

It's going to be an exciting September, so get ready to enjoy it while you can, and stop on in if you have procrastinated on trying an e-bike.

P.S. The Aventon PACE 350 is currently $999, and a price increase will be coming from the manufacturer on September 1st, 2019. So act now if you want a great deal on the Pace 350.


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