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When I set out to build this business, it was always about serving my customers well. E-bikes are no doubt a very fun technology, and I'm grateful to have a knack for all things mechanical, and to be able to share in something considered 'old', but once again new.

That is, the bicycle. That very simple, two-wheeled device, that many of us loved in our youth. And many still do, in our not so young years. With those years have come wisdom, and perhaps even some loss of that youthfulness, that time when we had narry a care in the world.

As years go on, so much has gone on in each year, and life just seems to happen so fast, that sometimes it helps just to slow down and take more of it in, and treasure the moments we have with others. Riding a bicycle not only brings back great memories, but certainly can allow you to slow down and enjoy those moments, especially if you want an activity you can do with others.

Add some life to your years, and some sweet moments to your day. An e-bike will help you do that, and no matter how many years you have added to your life, bumps or bruises you have endured, hills you have climbed, or ailments your body has suffered, in all likelihood, you'll still enjoy riding a bike, especially if it's one with an electric assist.

An e-bike will serve you well, and here at Mike's E-bikes I will strive to provide the great service you always deserve, to make your e-biking experience a real thrill each time you ride, and so that you can live your life with minimal biking hassle, while enjoying each bike riding moment. With friends, your family, your children, and great grand-children, you'll be able to keep up with everyone on an e-bike.

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