Update on E-Bike Tariff's - What they are doing to the market

This is a quick update on Trump's China tariff's that have taken effect on electric assist e-bikes.

Thus far here is the impact both locally, and nationally:

  • Not all e-bike OEM's have raised their prices - yet.

  • Most of the e-bike brands we carry... Blix, Yamaha, Surface 604, Magnum, have not raised their prices.

  • Nationally, what we are seeing is that on-line brands ARE raising their prices, since they directly import from China, and are too small to absorb the increase. Examples include Rad Power, Juiced, and most on-line at Amazon.

  • More well known brands like Pedego have raised their prices.

  • Some weaker brands such as Shocke have already gone out of business. We expect this to continue so be cautious about your choice of e-bike OEM.

  • A number of brands are trying to re-locate where they buy from - such as Taiwan, but that is not an easy or quick option, especially if they are not already doing business with factories in Taiwan.

  • Some brands have held off raising prices until their local stock is depleted, so right now and probably for another 30 days, you will see a lot of brands that could be hanging on before prices increase substantially.

Now is a great time to buy, especially here in the midwest, where the season is winding down, dealers are lowering inventory, and e-bike tariffs have yet to take hold.

Our inventory is still good, and again, none of our e-bike models have increased prices, so stop by here in September to take advantage of the current market environment.

Happy E-Biking !



Well... the ebike tariffs are due to begin August 24th

Dear Friends of Biking and Ebike potential consumers:

As previously mentioned as a possibility in my July 20th Blog post, the 25% tariffs are unfortunately being implemented on the industry codes that includes ebikes. (includes motors on ebikes, many components, even kits). Regular bikes could see increases of 10 to 25%. That is less well defined at the moment.

Will all e-bike brands increase their prices ? That's hard to say, but some ebike OEM's have notified dealers they are not increasing prices, in part based on where their product is sourced. Some have indicated they are increasing prices effective August 23rd. Its true that a significant majority (over 80% by some estimates) of ebikes are sourced from China. Similar wit...

Buy an E-Bike now... before tariff's take effect

This may seem like a sobering message, but the bicycle industry is going to face dealing with the tariff's proposed by President Trump. This includes all bicycles, bicycle parts, motors, and yes electric assist bikes.

The vast majority of bicycle and e-bike manufacturing is in China. A very few others are made in Taiwan, Singapore, Brazil, and other countries. None are made in the U.S. None are made in Canada, or Mexico.

If you have been contemplating a purchase of an e-bike, the time to act is probably now before the tariff's go into effect. Possibly the next 60 days these will kick in.

This comes from a number of sources the bike industry has. Things could change, but this has become more serious within the past few...

The Schwinn's are In !

Beautiful Schwinn E-Bikes are in stock now ! Come take a test ride !


Naperville's new Rules for Class 1 electric assist bikes for riding on Park District Trails


It's welcome news for would be E-Bike riders in Naperville, with the upcoming rules modification allowing e-Bikes that are rated as Class 1. This definition eliminates ambiguity for people who would like to ride their e-bikes on Naperville Park District trails.

In addition to Naperville's forthcoming rules for its park district bike trails, the state of Illinois adopted new rules allowing for 3 Classes of e-bikes in 2018. Here is what this all means for you if you are planning to purchase a new E-Bike in 2018:

  • Class 1 E-Bikes, are electric assist bikes that are only allowed to provide electric assist from an on board motor that is rated less than 750 watts, AND, only operates while pedaling. Some e-bikes come with throttles, and these would not be allowed on trails where only Class 1 e-bikes are permitted. Class 1 e-bikes are also only allowed to go up to 20 mph under assist while pedaling. So the motor will have on-board inhibitors, to prevent assistance above 20 mph.

  • Class 2 E-Bikes, are allowed to have a throttle, in addition to electric assist while pedaling. Same limits apply in terms of maximum motor wattageof 750 watts, and maximum speed of 20 mph while using the throttle.

  • Class 3 E-Bikes are capable of all the above, but also allow speeds of up to 28 mph while under electric pedal assist only. Any throttle use is still limited to a max speed of 20 mph. So to go faster than 20 mph, the rider must do it while pedaling only, using the motor for assist, and not using the throttle to achieve a speed higher than 20 mph.

If you have more questions about e-bikes, or would like advise on which Class to choose, and how those Class ratings affect the price or performance of an electric assist bike, please call Mike at 331-213-5910 or feel free to stop by Mike's E-Bikes in Plainfield IL.

We are only a few minutes from the Naperville border of Plainfield, off of South Rt 59, and 135th street.

We have several brands of e-bikes that are rated Class 1, at very affordable price points, including the newly released models from Schwinn.

Happy E-Biking !


Let's Go Electric !


Surprise, Surprise ! Schwinn has just introduced their new line of electric assist bikes for 2018 !

It's awesome news, especially for wanna be ebike riders who have been kicking the tires, but haven't yet found a more relatively budget friendly, feature rich, and great looking ebike. The Schwinn brand is well known by baby boomers, and many prior generations who grew up with Schwinn bikes as a mainstay since 1895. Schwinn got many of us into biking, and produced affordable, high quality bikes for the everyday bike rider.

Well, they are at it again with the 'affordable' part, as ebikes have not been known to be especially inexpensive, due to their lithium batteries, higher technology motors, and specialized drive trains. Just a hunch on my part, but Schwinn's entry into the US ebike market is very likely to help ebikes 'cross that chasm' from an emerging 'early adopter' technology, to mainstream and adopted by the masses.

It's not easy to find many quality ebike brands, with a name we recognize producing ebikes for under $2000.

Schwinn has hit the mark though, and offers ebike models starting at $1199.

Stop by our store in Plainfield, on US-30 for a test ride soon. Schwinn ebikes will be on the floor the week of March 12th !

The German Made Ruffian Is Here !



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