Mike's E-Bikes 7 Year Anniversary !

A simple and heartfelt thank you to all the customers who have purchased an ebike from Mike's E-Bikes over the past 7 years.

Mike's goal has always been to bring the highest quality, yet more affordable e-bike brands to the Chicago Metro Area. We continue to have the widest variety and largest inventory in the Midwest, along with the most friendly support and deepest e-bike expertise.

You will now find there are finally some regular bike shops who happen to carry a few e-bikes here and there, but their focus is not on e-bikes, so they tend to lack expertise, are short on knowledge about how to service them, and especially not very aware of the unique interests and motivations of the e-bike...

The Aventon Paces versus Electra Townie

The below table summarizes some key attributes of the two Aventon Pace models (Pace 350 and Pace 500) versus another E-Bike called the Electra Townie, typically found at Trek stores. Trek's e-bikes have traditionally started at price points of $2400, and dramatically increase from there. However more recently, they came out with their "entry level" priced e-bike, based on their traditional pedal forward design in the Electra category called the "Townie".

Consumers will find the Townie does not have a throttle, and does not have an LCD display that showed speed, battery voltage, or other typical parameters that are useful to have on an e-bike. Some found the pedals to be too far forward on th...

Side by Side Comparison - 3 Fat Tire Folding E-Bikes

You are not alone if you feel 'overwhelmed' by all the brands of e-bikes in the market place. Thus I am introducing a series of side-by-side comparisons. This comparison format is designed to answer some questions you may have considered, and likely some you haven't. My aim is to help you get to the most productive questions, and the correct answers more expeditiously. So that you will resolve the feeling of being overwhelmed, have more confidence in what to look for in terms of differentiation, and more quickly find your 'right' e-bike for you. Your e-bike search should not be hard...admittedly the industry is (likely unwittingly) making it harder than it ever should be.

Of course you will...

Avoid all the risks of buying your E-Bike On-Line ...

Buying an E-Bike On-Line entails Risks ? Who knew ?


Ok so perhaps my headline attracted your attention for the moment.

Here are a few considerations you may want to consider before pulling the trigger for that on-line only sold e-bike 'brand.' These considerations just might save you a lot of headaches, disappointment, or sheer agony ( I get a LOT of those types of calls from owners who bought their e-bikes on-line that aren't now working) after an on-line sold e-bike purchase:

  • How and where will you get it serviced ? This is potentially going to be your biggest challenge when trying to source from an on-line seller, since very few bike shops carry e-bikes, and nearly every bike shop will ...

Electric Bike's : One of the Best Investments You Can Make (Video)

If you are a regular e-biker you will know the kind of conversation; you chat with an interested onlooker about your e-bike, giving them all the details about range and how the motor works, how good it is at helping you cycle effortlessly up hills.

They seem so interested they are on the cusp of rushing out and buying one.

Then the deflating question and answer, ‘How much?’… reply ‘Around X,000’…then the doubtful look appears, or maybe even the pained expression or the remarks such as ‘well I could get a second-hand car / motorbike for that..’

Don’t let such conversations deter you in persuading others – e-bikes are a great inv...

"Outdoor activity with Inherent Social Distancing ? " Try an ebike !

Well the unfortunate series of global events, have most of us wondering what happens next. It appears that just today, San Francisco mayor ordered a quarantine, except for going to necessary stores. The mayor did say you could go and enjoy the outdoors along with 'social distancing.'

Well riding a bike, or better yet, an ebike allows you to both enjoy the outdoors, and even run those necessary grocer and food or medication errands.

NOW though is the time to act, and considering trying out an ebike.

Here at Mike's E-Bikes we were actually ahead of the game, by offering one on one appointments, that allow you to mitigate those risks of catching the C-virus. We've expanded those hours and you can ...

More E-Bike Models and Brands Priced under $2k than any dealer in Illinois


Importantly, here at Mike's E-Bikes, life is too short to engage in 'crazy' price mind games. ('Yes, Virginia,' unfortunately there are some out dated and old style retailers who aren't shy about using some shady business practices)

We are a professional retailer, with honest and ethical business practices. For example, we disclose our prices upfront in real time, show you our sales prices, and also have all new e-bike models on our floor. If an ebike model is a bit older and has been on the floor longer than normal, we will certainly tell ...

Buying an e-bike on the internet ?

Why Buying On-line is not likely a prudent Idea !


So if you've come this far to check out my website, and considered buying on-line, then here are some things to consider that maybe you weren't aware of that could help your decision making.

  • Every ebike has different ride characteristics, and some differences are more pronounced than others. To get the most enjoyment and best comfort, it really does help to actually test ride the ebike. If the firm is on-line, ask if they have local references who allow ebike test rides, or what they call 'ambassodors'. And be sure to compare the various models that are interesting to you. Motor wattage, and battery amp hour (capacity) and other specs really d...

Comparing 3 Comfort Cruisers - Aventon Pace 500 vs Pedego Interceptor vs Trek's Electra Townie Go!


With All the E-Bike choices you have that are on the market, it can be very difficult to make a decision:

+ How much should I spend to get a good quality ebike ?

+ What frame style do I need or want ?

+ How much motor power (watts) and battery capacity for range (Amp-hours, or "AH") do I need ?

+ What Class of ebike do I need (Class 1 = for top speed of 20 mph, pedal assist only and no throttle; Class 2 = pedal assist and throttle, top speed of 20 for both; Class 3: pedal assist and throttle, top speed of 28 mph under pedal assist.

+ Do I want an all around style that is comfort oriented, easy to get on, and capable for some smooth trails and pavement, or a strickly road bike, or strictly mountai...

New for 2019 ! Aventon PACE 500, Comfortable All Around E-Bike


We are very excited to be the first in the Midwest, to offer this awesome e-bike that is just a great all around performer. It has plenty of power with a 500 watt motor, higher voltage 48 Watt battery, and its even capable of achieving speeds well above 20 mph, so you won't be limited on the top end like most Class 1 e-bikes are.

The super comfortable cruiser tires, 27" x 2.2" are great for trails yet also very shock absorbing for pavement or roads with those typical Illinois 'bumps'. Swept back handle bars and adjustable stem, ensure you have a very comfortable riding position as well.

For added comfort and more secure ride feel, the design is a 'pedal forward' configuration, allowing t...

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