Our Story


Mike, the Owner, started Revolution E-Bikes (formerly Mike's E-Bikes) in his garage in 2015 out of the motivating belief that electric bikes would help change people's commuting, and  fitness lives for the better.  Before launching his e-bike business, Mike had been following the development of electric assist bikes since the late 1990's, when Lee Iococca (former Chrysler Chairman) first began introducing electric bikes ("E-Bikes") into the US.  Around 2010, lithium batteries started to really have an impact, both on lowering costs of e-bikes and making realistic riding range no longer a dream.  Prior battery technology before lithium technology, prevented the e-bike industry from really emerging as more than a niche or novelty category of bikes.  Fast forward to today, our e-bike business continues to expand rapidly, and is now operating in a 3200 SF shop in Naperville, about 10 minutes from the interstate (I-88) for more convenience for those around the Chicago metro area.    

Mike's passion for the benefits of electric assisted technology, and cycling for low impact fitness and healthy commuting, keeps him focused on the latest ebike trends with up to date on-going research on product advancements and e-bike trends.   Here at Revolution E-Bike's,  we believe you'll find one of the best buying experiences of any local bike shop. Mike's friendly and patient approach, where every customer is able to take as much time as they need, and ask all the questions they want during an appointment, typically makes the buying process a lot less intimidating and more simply about 'e-bike education.' 

Thank you for visiting our web-site, and feel free to call Mike anytime at 331-213-5910.  Please be sure to  schedule an appointment to come try any e-bike out for yourself to learn how these e-bikes are great fun, and can make longer rides an absolute joy.  

Our Vision


Our vision at Revolution E-Bikes is simply to see more people out riding bikes, particularly e-bikes if they have not been very active in recent years as e-bikes make it so much easier to become active again. Its seems that American's have sort of gotten away from riding their regular bikes for all sorts of reasons.   So in today's still emerging US e-bike market, Mike believes its equally important to provide quality brands of affordably priced e-bikes for adults and families. The majority of the models we carry are e-bikes priced between $1300 and $2500.

Our brands include Aventon, BagiUSA, Batch, Biria, Denago, Hurley, Jupiter, NCM, Magnum, Velowave, Yamaha and Yuba, that are all excellent quality e-bikes at price points you are more likely to find fit in your budget.  Buying locally at Revolution E-Bikes, you won't have to deal with all the risks associated with buying on-line. Those risks can range from not knowing what you are really getting in terms of fit, product quality, or ride characteristics, to a not uncommon worst case scenario of the on-line purchased e-bike not working right after you receive it. With your e-bike purchase being local, you can rest assured Mike the Owner and his team will be there for your after-the-sale, service and support, with the best e-bike expertise in the Midwest. 

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