Fat Tire E-Bikes


With our Fat Tire E-Bikes you can flatten hills, and fly through rough terrain with ease. Or jaunt comfortably over to your local hardware store, or coffee shop, inspired by the 750 Watt power of the rear hub motor, and marvel at the wonderfully supple fat tires that smooth any bump or rock in the road.


Life is Simply More Fun on a Fat Tire E-Bike !


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Custom Installed E-Bike Kit on Your Bike



We will install a Custom E-Bike Kit (EBO Brand) on your adult bike:

Fully Assembled and Mounted Electric Conversion Kit (Price shown not including bike, prices may vary depending upon motor wattage, battery AH, bike type, options chosen)

Electric Bike Conversion Kit – will be fully assembled , integrated, tested, on a regular bike or Adult Trike.

Recommended that your low step through, regular bike, or tri-cycle be a year or less older.  We offer Biria, Schwinn, or Townies as new bikes to be converted, or you may buy the bike of your choice, or we can source another brand for you, but just be sure to consult with us first to ensure conversion kit fit and adaptability. 

Price shown is an estimated starting price. Actual quote based on your Tricyle, or bike brought into our shop for inspection, to determine specific kit, motor size, proper fit, battery mount configuration.  


Model (year):  2017

Designation: 350W to 750 watt Conversion kit

Main Use: On road, commuting, recreation and leisure

Nominal Power: As determined by chosen motor

Cruise Speed:  up to 22 Mph for regular bikes; 10 to 12 mph with pedal assist recommended for Tricycles.

Max Range with Pedal Assist: 35 miles, 45 miles, 60 miles ( or longer dependent upon battery Amp-hour capacity chosen, rider weight, anticipated hill conditions.)

Average Range: 20 miles without pedal assist (motor only)

Throttle Only Travel Range: 15 to 20 miles (may vary based on rider weight and hills or terrain)

Throttle Type: Twist or thumb throttle available

Pedal Assist Levels: 5

Handlebar Display: LCD Display


Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion - Samsung brand 

Nominal Battery Voltage: 36V

Charged Battery Voltage: 42V

Battery Capacity: 11Ah (options up to 17 AH are available)

Battery Removable: Yes (and lockable)

Battery Charger Type: 36V 2A Smart charger with battery

Battery Charge Time: 4 to 5 hours from empty


Motor Voltage: 36V

Max Motor Power: 350W (or higher if specified by customer)

Drive Type: Front hub drive most common; rear drive with cassette available 

Package Build and Pick-Up: This e-bike kit with electric assist is only available for local pick up. (Chicago area) 

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Biria Electric Folding Fat Tire Bike

$1281.55 $1349.00


Introducing the new brand for mid-2017 BIRIA Folding Electric.  The Biria Folding electric works with pedal assist as well as a throttle and has a range of 30 miles per hour with one charge. Biria German designed bikes are known for their high quality, so this is just one more option for those desiring the fun of an e-assist bike. Plus with the fat tires, you have one very versatile road and trail master, ready to take on any challenge or terrain.  

Conveniently foldable, the Biria Folding Electric can fit inside a small urban apartment, lake side cottage, or in the trunk of a car for a perfect commuting companion. Have a boat, beachfront house, or even RV?  Take a Biria Folding Electric Bike along on all of your adventures.

Awesome for sand, beaches, off road terrain, and even used by hunters or other outdoorsman, seeking a quiet mode of transport deep into woods, or fields. With the 4" wide tires you can go just about anywhere anytime or season of the year.

Some people love them more than snowmobiles. Stop by our shop to give one a try. 


Biria Aluminum Folding
Hi-Ten Steel
Alloy ultra light with cut-outs
20 x 4.0"
7-speed Shimano
Aluminum folding adjustable
Aluminum Straight bar
Tektro Disc Brakes
Lithium ion Samsung 36 Volts, 10.4 Amp
350 Watt Rear hub
30 Miles or 50 km with one battery charge, with pedal assist
20 miles per hour
Matt Black
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   Note: During weekday evenings, please call ahead of time (331-213-5910) for an appointment. Week-ends no Appointment needed.  e-Bikes are in stock for free test rides.     





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