Spending more than $2500 on an e-Bike ?

By Mike


If you landed here, you've likely been researching a fair amount on electric bikes, or "e-Bikes." And you've also likely noticed that the vast majority of them are priced $2500 to well over $5000. That to me, and probably most would be e-bike be buyers, is an extraordinary amount of money for what seemingly amounts to little more than 2 wheels, a battery, and a motor.

Certainly there are e-bikes priced below $1000 (which for many reasons I would not waste my money on), but importantly, there are a handful priced below $2500 that do have sufficient quality, reliability, and comfort that are well worth your investment of money and time to learn about.

In fact, here at Mike's E-Bikes we strive hard to serve that specific consumer budget with excellent quality and high value e-bikes that sell between the $1200 and mostly under $2000 price point. To provide that high level of value, without the ridiculous marketing schemes, and lame 'marketing tactics' that pretend to give you perceived value with so called "2 for 1" deals, or sports team event win 'substantial discounts', or a grab bag of other marketing entrapment concoctions to lure you into a store, where those hucksters can say 'we gotchya now.'

It takes a considerable amount of thought, well planned execution, and considerable business expertise to provide excellent value and long term quality service at a reasonable price in today's over-hyped, and mis-understood USA e-bike market. Here at Mike's E-Bikes we will steer you away from the 'also rans' and e-bike pretenders, 'Ringling brothers' style marketeers, and educate you on the real important components, even their actual costs, and how to get the best value for what you need within a reasonable budget. Even the distribution structure of e-Bikes coming from abroad that claim to be something other than Asian built, is quite murky, and quite (unfortunately) 'scam artist' ripe for consumers getting ripped off.

Some review sites are ok, but in all honesty, those sites reviews are generally done so as to not offend any particular e-Bike OEM, where if you see a rating below 7 out of 10, it will be quite rare. And that's when I shy away from many of those "7's," knowing they should be "2's" or maybe "3's" from my own first hand experience with the same e-bikes I have had here, and 'lived with' as a reputable e-Bike IBD.

Lastly, I began following, trying, and researching e-bikes as far back as 1999, and it wasn't until 2014, that I felt the technology and go to market models were sufficiently developed here in the US, to where if you bought an e-bike you wouldn't be on the 'bleeding edge' of technology adoption, or paying outrageous money for something that would be outdated within a year. My 30 years of experience from a manufacturer's perspective, R&D in many energy and power related technologies, and knowledge of how products are marketed (or unfortunately prematurely introduced to consumers) will make sure you don't make the mistakes that many in your shoes might be making by spending too much for comparatively little value, or spending too little, such that you end up with a hugely disappointing experience. It's not as easy as one would think, given the claims that are made on many web-sites, but not ever substantiated, or hyped by largely fake or manipulated supposed 'consumer' reviews.

If this is of any help, and you are in the Chicagoland area, then give us a call, or better yet, come in to try one, with none of the high pressure or gimmicky tactics to force you to buy, and benefit from an actual consumer oriented perspective from someone who cares and conducts business with the utmost integrity.




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