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Mike, is the owner of Mike's E-Bikes, and has been tracking the development of electric assist bikes since the late 1990's, when Lee Iococca (former Chrysler Chairman) first began introducing electric bikes into the US. E-Bikes make it so much easier for adults of all ages to get back into biking, or perhaps even try biking for the first time. Many technology advancements, and especially Lithium based batteries, have helped e-bikes come a long way since then, now making E-Bikes much more reliable, and lighter weight.

E-bikes are a suitable form of transport for anyone of any age to get out there and enjoy life. Any adult with an e-bike can adopt healthy lifestyle choices that involve more physical activity in their everyday activities - running errands, getting groceries, commuting to work or to college, or simply regular recreational activity using an e-Bike.

Mike wants to make it easy for people to try out e-bikes, and eliminate the hassle of dealing with a typical bike dealer who may or may not have the expertise you are seeking specifically on electric bikes.  Mike has worked with energy and electric technology for more than 30 years, and has a very customer friendly approach, eager to help you make the best decision for fit, comfort, and a quality e-Bike that you are going to enjoy for many years. As the owner, he also works hard to keep overhead modest, so as to be able to deliver an overall excellent value. And Mike guarantees the best personalized service you'll find in all of Chicago, including changing out seats, grips, or customizing each e-bike to make it a great fit for you ! 

After visiting our web-site, feel free to call Mike during the hours of 9 am to as late as 11 pm, 7 days a week. 331-213-5910.    You can schedule a specific appointment, and not just during our listed showroom hours to come try one out for yourself, and learn how these e-Bikes are great fun, will help you 'flatten those hills', and make longer rides an absolute joy. 


Our Vision

this is what we do

Mike's E-Bikes was established to provide fitness, fun, and eco-friendly transportation by delivering electric bike rentals, tours, and sales in the greater Chicagoland and Naperville, IL area. E-Bikes are a fantastic motivator to eliminate those excuses you might have for not biking to work, or using a bike for short errands, or simply getting back out biking for fun and recreation. We believe its time for many more regular doses of fun and exercise, so now is the time to experience the exhilarating world of e-Bikes !

You really do have to ride one to know just how much more motivating and fun they make biking again, particularly for adults.  You'll also love how an electric bike will absolutely help you incorporate more physical activity into your lifestyle. We call it the e-Lifestyle, described on our e-Lifestyle page.  

As an added bonus, the e-bike brands we carry are uniquely crafted, exciting to ride, and we can frequently tailor them  your own personal tastes. Our brands are refined nearly 'stealth like' e-bikes, that many people won't believe are electric assist until they ask or notice you flying by them so much more quickly than regular bikes.  

Our promise is simple: to make learning, then experiencing how enjoyable and beneficial e-Bikes can be - for your health, for the environment, for stress free commuting, and pure recreational fun here in the Chicago area! Our business is based on mobile concierge electric bike delivery service, providing rentals and tours at your desired destinations, and even delivering new electric bikes for an overnight tryout at your home or even business. Check out our e-Lifestyle page to learn about all the benefits of e-Bikes !






Note: Please call ahead of time, for an appointment during listed hours. e-Bikes are in stock and available to test ride.    





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