Our Story

this is who we are and THE EXPERTISE WE PROVIDE

Mike, is the owner of Mike's E-Bikes, and has been tracking the development of electric assist bikes since the late 1990's, when Lee Iococca (former Chrysler Chairman) first began introducing electric bikes ("E-Bikes") into the US. E-Bikes make it so much easier for adults of all ages to get back into biking, or perhaps even try biking for the first time. Many technology advancements, especially with Lithium based batteries, have helped e-bikes come a long way since then.  E-Bikes are more reliable than ever, lighter weight than they used to be when sealed lead acid batteries were the only energy storage choice, and these advanced electric bikes are now used in many countries, and many US communities, being a great alternative to a car for commuting on daily basis.  

Any adult with an e-bike can get back out bike riding again, gradually work in more physical exercise during their everyday activities - running errands, getting groceries, commuting to work or to college, or simply use an e-bike for regular recreational activity. E-Bikes are great for re-hab too ! The gradual and adjustable power assist is perfect for people who have knee issues, back or spine issues, or someone recovering from other cardiac or respiratory ailments that previously prevented vigorous activity.  

What Mike brings to your benefit is over 30 years of working with energy and electric technology, a customer friendly approach, eager to help you make the best decision for fit, comfort, and a quality e-Bike that you are going to enjoy for many years.  

To that end, after researching or testing more than 90 brands, Mike has selected brands that generally meet the following criteria:

Motors:  Highly efficient, Internally geared hub motors, from 250 watts to 750 Watts, all street legal, and all from reputable manufacturers. We do have some with Mid-drives, but find a quality Mid-drive adds at least $1000 more to the price point of most e-bikes vs a quality hub drive. 

PAS: All e-bikes we offer have Pedal Assist, with levels from at least 1 to 5, and sometimes up to 9 levels. 

Displays: Nearly all brands selected have LCD's (Liquid Crystal Displays)

Gears: All brands selected have middle to higher end Shimano or SRAM, derailleurs with 7 to 10 speeds. 

Batteries: Only the best - Samsung, Panasonic, or LG. We also strive for battery sizes that provide at least a range of 40 miles under PAS mode, with some brands delivering as much as 120 miles in a single charge. 

Throttles: Nearly all models on our floor have throttles, from thumb to half twist, or lever. 

Integrated Lighting:  We strive to provide e-bikes with integrated front and rear tail lights.  Not all models do, but over 80% on our floor offer this. 

Kickstands: We strive to only carry e-bikes that have rear mounted kick stands that won't interfere with the pedals, when moving the ebike.

Comfortable Seats: If the e-bike brand doesn't have a comfortable seat, we will supply you one from Serfas, that is a comfort gel seat, and fits right.

Tires: We usually find that wider tires (more than 2" thick) sell better here in the Midwest, so many of our models have tires this wide. 

Security: We recommend both a U-Bolt style lock, and separate locking cable, but we also supply at no charge, a GPS tracking device. 

Price Points:  Most of our e-bikes are priced between $1200 and $2000, but we do carry a few that are above that price point.  You'll find, as we did,  it's challenging to obtain a QUALITY e-bike priced below $1000.  We strive to provide you brands and quality that are comparable to other brands priced over $3000 and $4000. 


After visiting our web-site, feel free to call Mike anytime, 7 days a week at 331-213-5910.   You can schedule a specific appointment to come try any e-bike out for yourself to learn how these e-bikes are great fun, easily 'flattening those hills', and making longer rides an absolute joy.  

Our Vision

this is what we do

Imagine a Bike Ride so fun, you don't want to stop riding, and you feel like you can go forever to take in all of the scenery and fresh air. Well an electric assist bike (e-Bike for 'short') affords you that wonderful opportunity, where rides can be longer without getting worn out, and hills feel like they are flatter, with the feeling of a 'tail wind' at your back. 

Our mission at Mike's E-Bikes is quite simply to make it really easy and affordable for adults and families to enjoy some great outdoor fun, by getting back onto bikes again - specifically e-Bikes. If you're happy, we are happy, and we've done our job. Whether its for e-Bike customizing, such as more comfortable or wider seats, different handle-bars, accessories, or even delivering e-Bikes to your home, Mike promises to provide superior service from start to finish. 

We are also a local in store purchase only ebike shop, meaning we do not sell e-bikes on-line, nor ever will.  E-Bikes must be test ridden for proper fit and safety due to the added power assist, and must be properly assembled including things like true tensioned spokes, properly adjusted brakes, inspected electronics and batteries, and other quality checks that must be done post delivery.  Mostly over-looked and not done by on-line purveyors which is to your risk and safety. And you'll notice regular bike shops aren't typically carrying e-bikes either, as they are not willing to invest what it takes or take the extra time.   If you are going to invest this kind of money in an e-bike, take your time, 'do your homework', and do it right !

So please stop by Mike's E-Bikes anytime or set up an appointment to experience why a number of our e-bike customers of Mike's have expressed sentiments like 'buying an e-bike was the best purchase and even 'investment' I ever made.'  


   Note: We are Open on Saturday ! And during the week by appointment. Our models are in stock and available for free test rides.     




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