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Mike, is the owner of Mike's E-Bikes, and is the "World's happiest e-Bike store proprietor !"

Mike has been tracking the development of electric assist bikes since the late 1990's, when Lee Iococca (former Chrysler Chairman) first began introducing electric bikes ("E-Bikes") into the US.   Mike's fondness for ebikes comes from the fact that they are so much more fun to ride than regular bikes.   Remember as a kid how excited you were when you first learned to ride a regular bike, and then the first taste of 'independence' that bikes brought you ? Well, believe it or not, ebikes are even more fun than those times you remember as a kid, getting that first bike as a present, or seeing it next to the Christmas Tree ! 

Somehow over the years, quite a few of us (myself included) got away from the simplicity, joy, and the magical efficiency of biking.  Our regular bikes sit or hang in our garages, or basements, going unused, probably because they are too slow, or we are too pressed for time, or just no longer experience that same 'thrill' we did as kids. However electric assist has changed all of that keeping the biking part so elegant while adding loads of fun, because the electric assist at the push of a button, or just by pedaling, makes it so much easier for all ages and all physical abilities (or "limitations") to get back into biking, or perhaps even try biking for the first time.  The assist can be gradual, or as much or when you want, sort of making it like you have 'bionic legs,' or at the very least, allowing you to go anywhere without even pedaling if you don't want.  How cool is that ?   

The arrival of Lithium based (high energy density) batteries, have helped e-bikes come a long way since Iacocca's first introduction in 1999.   E-Bikes are more reliable than ever, lighter weight than they used to be when sealed lead acid batteries were the only energy storage choice, and these exciting electric bikes are now used in many countries, and many US communities, being a great alternative to a car for commuting on daily basis.  Millions are sold in China each year, and Europe is probably 10 years ahead of the US in terms of adoption for everyday riding. 

Mike likes to see the joy and happiness that customer's experience when riding an e-bike for the first time, and so he is excited to bring more than 30 years of working with energy and electric technology, to help each and every ebike buyer make the best decision for fit, comfort, and fun.  He wants to help you get the best quality e-Bike for your budget, that you are going to enjoy for many years.  Mike makes the ebike buying experience simple, with his super friendly and patient approach,  sharing his knowledge and allowing every customer to take as much time as they need.  

Thank you for visiting our web-site, and feel free to call Mike anytime, 7 days a week at 331-213-5910.   You can schedule a specific appointment to come try any e-bike out for yourself to learn how these e-bikes are great fun, easily 'flattening those hills', and making longer rides an absolute joy.  

Our Vision

this is what we do

Imagine a Bike Ride so fun, you don't want to stop riding, and you feel like you can go forever to take in all of the scenery and fresh air. Well an electric assist bike (e-Bike for 'short') affords you that wonderful opportunity, where rides can be longer without getting worn out, and hills feel like they are flatter, with the feeling of a 'tail wind' at your back. 

Our mission at Mike's E-Bikes is to make it really easy and affordable for adults and families to enjoy some great outdoor fun, by getting back onto bikes again - specifically e-Bikes. If you're happy, we are happy, and we've done our job. Whether its for e-Bike customizing, such as more comfortable or wider seats, different handle-bars, accessories, or even converting your regular bike to an ebike, Mike promises to provide superior service from start to finish. 

We are also a local in-store purchase ebike shop, meaning we prefer to not sell our e-bikes on-line.   E-Bikes should really be test ridden for proper fit and safety due to the added power assist, and must be properly assembled including things like tensioned spokes, properly adjusted brakes, inspected electronics and batteries, and other quality checks that must be done post delivery.  On-line ebike sellers won't and can't do that post shipment testing and prep, which is to your own risk and reduced safety.  You've probably noticed not many regular bike shops typically carrying e-bikes either, as they are probably not willing or able to invest what it takes to do it right with this more advanced technology.   However you now have the option to 'do it right' with our store being local to the Chicago area, especially worthwhile if you are going to invest this kind of money in an e-bike, so take your time, 'do your homework', and again do it right !

You are welcome to come by Mike's E-Bikes during open hours, or even set up an appointment at a time that works best for you, to experience why a number of our e-bike customers of Mike's have expressed sentiments like 'buying an e-bike was the best purchase and even 'investment' I ever made.'  


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